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WITB 2023: What golf ball does Nelly Korda play and how does she mark it?

Nelly Korda’s TaylorMade TP5 golf ball
Nelly Korda’s TaylorMade TP5 golf ball (Image credit: TaylorMade Golf)

When Korda joined Team TaylorMade, the equipment testing process kicked off with a focus on golf ball. It was the first area of exploration, and a critical decision that would impact every club her bag.

To find the perfect fit, Korda tested both models in the TP5 series. Korda desired a softer feel around the greens without compromising her ability to control the ball. This led her to try the TP5, which intrigued her with its exceptional performance in the short game.

The TP5 is widely regarded as TaylorMade’s most complete golf ball, engineered with 5-layers which includes a new Tour flight dimple pattern to maximise carry distance and a larger reactive core.

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