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Why do golfers wear just one glove?

As golfers take to the pristine greens and fairways, their attire often includes a single glove adorning their non-dominant hand. This peculiar fashion choice begs the question: why do golfers wear just one glove?

Traditionally, golfers don a glove on their non-dominant hand. For right-handed players, this means wearing the glove on the left hand, while left-handed players wear it on their right hand.

The leading reason why many golfers opt to wear a single glove is that their lead hand, which is placed higher on the handle, is more prone to blisters and slipping during the swing. By wearing a glove on the lead hand, these issues can be effectively prevented, ensuring a secure grip and minimising the risk of mishaps during the swing.

Moreover, donning a glove on the lead hand also helps reduce tension in the grip, allowing for a smoother release of the hands during the swing. This added freedom of movement enables golfers to achieve an optimal swing and maximise their performance on the course.

However, it is worth noting that in wet conditions, some golfers choose to wear two gloves to combat moisture and improve their grip. The additional glove on the lower hand provides an extra layer of protection against slipping caused by dampness, ensuring a secure hold on the club throughout the swing.

Ultimately, the decision to wear one, two or no gloves in golf comes down to personal preference and the specific conditions at hand.

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