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What putter does Scottie Scheffler use? | Specs, setup 2024

Scottie Scheffler with TaylorMade Spider Tour X putter
Image credit: TaylorMade Golf

We're taking a deep dive into Scottie Scheffler's putting setup for the 2024 season.

The TaylorMade staffer plays with a Spider Tour X L-Neck putter. Here are his setup specs for it:

Hosel: L-Neck

Length: 35.5’’

Sight Line: True Path with Full Line

Loft: 3°

Lie: 72°

Insert: 80/20 Pure Roll

Grip: Golf Pride Pistol

According to TaylorMade: "In testing, True Path alignment with a full sight line freed Scottie up to not have to use an alignment aid on his golf ball.

"The technology behind Spider Tour X allowed him and his coach to rely on his natural talent without having to modify technique. Between True Path and high MOI stability of Spider Tour X, he felt free on off-center hits and noticed a considerable increase forgiveness in testing."

The confidence Scheffler got from the new putter clearly worked, as the American picked up his seventh PGA Tour title at the 2024 Arnold Palmer Invitational with the Spider Tour X in his bag.

To find out more about what clubs Scottie Scheffler has in the bag for the 2024 season and for a deeper dive into his driver setup, visit Scheffler's WITB page.