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Vokey WedgeWorks launched: Titleist introduce 2022 Low Bounce K Grind

Image credit: Titleist

Building upon the momentum generated by the introduction of the Vokey Design SM9 line, Titleist have launched the WedgeWorks Low Bounce K Grind, a tour-proven, versatile wedge now available in Tour Chrome and Raw finishes.

The SM9 K grind is among the most popular of all the available Vokey options, especially with amateur golfers who favor its wide, cambered sole, providing maximum forgiveness on greenside shots and out of the bunker.

Like the majority of Vokey Design wedges, the new Low Bounce K grind was born out of Master Craftsman Bob Vokey and longtime Vokey tour representative Aaron Dill’s collaboration with players on the PGA Tour and across the worldwide professional tours.

Vokey said: “Several players preferred the K grind sole but were seeking a lower bounce version.

“As a result, we crafted a sole with 6° of effective bounce, while maintaining the wide camber that makes the K design so effective for a wide variety of players. As soon as we brought it out on tour, it was immediately accepted and in the bags of multiple players as soon as they had a chance to test it.”

Image credit: Titleist

Among the players who have found immediate success with the new Vokey Design SM9 60.06 K grind in the bag includes Sentry Tournament of Champions and PLAYERS Championship winner Cameron Smith, Justin Thomas and Webb Simpson, as well as the 2020-21 PGA TOUR’s only three-time winner.

Dill said: “The K grind lives in the bags of some of the world’s best.

“It has always been known as the ultimate bunker club, inspiring confidence in players short games. However, when you ask players on tour why they play the K grind, they will tell you not only do they love the performance in the bunkers, but they love the way the leading edge hugs the ground when pitching and chipping.”

Who is it for?

The Low Bounce K is perfect for the player with a shallow attack angle playing firm conditions but would benefit from the wider sole out of deep soft bunkers. 

What is the difference between the WW Low Bounce K and the SM9 K Grind?

Both grinds feature a wide, high-cambered sole and are great out of the bunker. The SM9 K Grind has 14 degrees of bounce and is great for steep swings and soft conditions, while the WW Low Bounce K has 6 degrees of bounce and is great for shallow swings and firm fast conditions.

What is the difference between the WW Low Bounce K and the SM9 L Grind?

Both are low bounce wedges, and required precise delivery, but the WW Low Bounce K features a wide, high-cambered full sole. The SM9 L Grind has a narrow sole, with heel, toe, and trailing edge relief. Players looking for the ultimate bunker club in a lower bounce option will like the WW Low Bounce K Grind.