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TOP TIPS: How do you hit a 'Tiger Woods' stinger golf shot?

If you are a fan of Tiger Woods, you have probably seen him hit some amazing stinger shots off the tee. A stinger is a low, piercing shot that flies under the wind and rolls for a long distance. It is a great shot to have in your arsenal when you need accuracy and distance, especially on tight or windy courses.

But how do you hit a stinger golf shot? In this article, we will explain the steps and tips to master this challenging but rewarding shot.

Step 1: Choose a low-lofted club

To hit a stinger golf shot, you’ll need to choose a low-lofted club such as a 2-iron or 3-iron. These clubs have less loft and will allow you to keep the ball low and reduce spin. You can also use a fairway wood or a hybrid, but they may launch the ball higher than you want.

Step 2: Tee the ball low

Teeing the ball low will help you achieve a lower ball flight. Set the ball on the tee so that it is only slightly above the grass. This will make it easier to hit down on the ball and create a descending blow.

Step 3: Position the ball back in your stance

To hit a stinger golf shot, you’ll need to position the ball back in your stance. This will help you hit down on the ball, creating a lower ball flight. Place the ball in the center or just back of the centre of your stance. You can also move your front foot slightly forward to create more room for your swing.

Step 4: Lean slightly forward

Another key to hitting a stinger golf shot is to lean slightly forward at address. This will shift your weight to your front foot and help you create a downward strike. You should feel about 60% of your weight on your front foot and 40% on your back foot.

Step 5: Grip down on the club

Gripping down on the club will give you more control and accuracy when hitting a stinger golf shot. It will also shorten the club length and reduce the swing speed, which will lower the ball flight and spin. Grip the club about an inch lower than normal and hold it firmly but not too tightly.

Step 6: Make a full backswing

Unlike some other low shots, such as punch shots or knockdown shots, a stinger golf shot requires a full backswing. You want to generate enough power and speed to hit the ball far and low. Make a smooth and full backswing with a normal shoulder turn. Your hands should be about level with your ears at the top of your swing.

Step 7: Start your downswing with your lower body

To hit a stinger golf shot, you need to have good timing and coordination between your upper and lower body. Start your downswing with your lower body, leading with your hips and legs. This will create lag and leverage in your swing, which will increase your power and control.

Step 8: Hit down on the ball

The most important part of hitting a stinger golf shot is to hit down on the ball. You want to create a slightly descending blow that compresses the ball and launches it low. Keep your arms relaxed and your wrists firm through impact. Try to produce a clean divot on the forward side of the ball.

Step 9: Finish with a short follow-through

The final step of hitting a stinger golf shot is to finish with a short follow-through. Unlike a normal swing, where you want to release your hands and turn them over, you want to keep your wrists firm and prevent them from rolling over. This will keep the clubface square and reduce spin. Your follow-through should be short and low, with your arms extended in front of you.


Hitting a stinger golf shot is not easy, but it can be very rewarding if you master it. It can help you gain distance and accuracy in windy or tight conditions, and impress your playing partners with your skill.

Practice these steps on the range until you feel comfortable and confident with this shot.