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THE MIZUNO ST-X 230 DRIVER: The new high spin draw bias driver

Image credit: Mizuno (golf club) / Unsplash (background)

After four years development, Mizuno’s Speed Technology (ST) Metalwood Project has culminated in the ST-230 series and a new energy source known as the CORTECH Chamber.

After multiple iterative developments for stability, sound and spin, Mizuno say they have finally identified the missing piece to its ball speed equation, with the CORTECH Chamber, in its ST-230 Series due for 2023 release. 

The CORTECH Chamber encases a stainless-steel weight with elastomeric TPU, taking stress from the clubface and creating an additional source of energy. At the same time, it locates weight closer to the clubface to reduce spin rates, while contributing to a more solid, powerful sensation at impact.

David Llewellyn, Director of R&D for Mizuno, said: “Our player testing over the years shows that placing extra weight close to the face results in faster ball speeds and low spin rates.

“We’ve been steadily working towards the CORTECH Chamber, which is incredibly effective at that job.  Encasing the steel weight within the TPU Chamber means that we’re moving weight close to the face at the same time as creating an additional source of energy. Steel is twice the density of Titanium but won’t weld directly, which is where the TPU has a second role.”

The Mizuno ST-X 230 Driver

A more rounded, deeper profile with weight located closer to the hosel means it’s slightly higher spinning and draw biased for the majority. But it’s also more workable for many elite players, especially in lower lofts.

Natural drawers of the ball may find more ball speed from the ST-X. The Forged SAT 2041 Beta Ti face is boosted by the CORTECH Chamber to be faster from the face, spin less and deliver an incredible, solid sensation at impact, while the carbon sole plate is now a single piece to allow weight to be pushed to the extremes for overall stability. The deeper profile aligns square in the neutral settings and the Quick Switch hosel offers 4 degrees of workability.

Chris Voshall, Mizuno’s Director of Product, said: “The new ST-X 230 is a complex character.

“Although in the higher loft option it’s a higher flying draw biased option, the 9.5 for many of our tour players was more workable and faster from the face. You really need to hit both models before making any judgements on which is likely to work best for you.”

Availability: Right Hand – 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees. Left Hand – 10.5 degrees

Price: $499.95