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The longest ball in golf? Bridgestone Golf introduces new e9 Long Drive golf ball

Bridgestone Golf e9 Long Drive golf ball
New e9 Long Drive Golf Balls (Image Credit: Bridgestone Golf)

Bridgestone Golf have announced the new e9 Long Drive, a new golf ball designed in conjunction with World Long Drive professionals. The new e9, the Official Ball of World Long Drive, will be used in all WLD competitions and is the longest ball in the Bridgestone Golf portfolio.

The new ball, which is aimed at players looking for maximum carry and the ultimate in overall distance, features a two-piece construction with injection molded seamless Surlyn cover and Bridgestone’s Tour-proven 330 dimple pattern. An extreme gradational core (softer in the center, firmer toward the exterior) promotes extreme ball speed and lower long game spin. The uniquely-designed e9 Long Drive also offers higher launch, more carry, and more overall efficiency.

David Vogrin, Bridgestone’s Director of Marketing, said: “It was great to work with the athletes from World Long Drive to develop the new e9. Innovation that leads to advanced performance is always our focus, and with over 900 Polymer engineers on staff and pioneering technologies like our gradational core and seamless cover, we’re confident this new golf ball will provide exceptional distance for professional long drivers but more importantly for recreational golfers. This is the ball you will take out for the long drive hole in a scramble and end up using for the entire round.”

Though the e9 Long Drive was designed with input from professional long drivers and will be used in all official WLD events in 2023, it is also ideal for players who don’t possess long drive swing speeds. Unlike many distance-oriented models aimed at faster swingers, the e9 Long Drive was designed with a slightly lower compression core, making it a great choice for anyone, including average swingers, who desire higher launch, more speed, and longer carry distance.

The two-piece Bridgestone e9 Long Drive will be available (classic white only) to buy in March 2023.