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THE FADE SHOT MADE SIMPLE: How do you FADE a golf ball and why do golfers do it?

A fade in golf is a shot that travels in a slight left-to-right curve for a right-handed golfer (or right-to-left for a left-handed golfer).

A fade is the opposite of a draw, which is a shot that curves in the opposite direction. Golfers often use fades to add control and accuracy to their shots, especially in windy conditions. Fades can also be useful for managing the layout of a golf course, as they can help a golfer avoid hazards and other obstacles.

To hit a fade, a golfer will need to adjust their grip, stance, and swing to produce a slight left-to-right spin on the ball.

This can be accomplished by making a few changes to your grip, stance, and swing. Here are some steps you can take to fade a golf ball:

  1. Grip: To produce a fade, you will need to grip the club more in the fingers of your left hand (for right-handed players). This will help to encourage a slightly weaker grip, which can promote a left-to-right spin.

  2. Stance: To promote a fade, you will want to aim your body slightly left of the target and open your clubface at address.

  3. Swing: When swinging, focus on making a smooth, controlled swing that allows the clubhead to pass through the ball from the inside. This will help to produce a left-to-right spin on the ball.

It is worth noting that producing a fade can be challenging, and it may take some practice to get the hang of it. With time and practice, you should be able to fade the ball more consistently.

Why do golfers fade the golf ball?

There are a few reasons why golfers might choose to fade the ball:

  1. Control: Fading the ball can help a golfer to have more control over their shots, especially in windy conditions.

  2. Course management: Fading the ball can be a useful tool for managing the layout of a golf course. For example, a golfer might fade the ball around a dogleg to avoid hitting the ball into a hazard.

  3. Shot shaping: Fading the ball can be a way for a golfer to shape their shots and hit different types of shots depending on the situation.

  4. Personal preference: Some golfers simply prefer to fade the ball and find that this shot shape suits their game better.

It is worth noting that fading the ball is just one of several shot shapes that a golfer can produce, and different golfers will have their own preferences when it comes to shot shaping.