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TAYLORMADE GOLF: All-New Spider GTX and Spider GT Max Putters announced

Updated: Apr 17

MySpider GTX Navy Black and Teal
Image Credit: TaylorMade Golf

TaylorMade Golf is proud to unveil its 2023 Spider lineup, featuring the all-new Spider GTX and Spider GT Max putters. Spider GTX combines the best features of our iconic Spider Tour and Spider X models while bringing a full array of colour options. While Spider GT Max introduces a new level of adjustability and performance to the storied franchise.

Spider GTX

With Spider GTX, from classic shades like white, silver and black to bold hues like red, ice blue and pink, there is a colour option to suit every player's style and preference.

Spider GTX Family On Bag Tight
Image Credit: TaylorMade Golf

Key features of Spider GTX include proven technologies such as True Path™ Alignment, which allows for easy and precise alignment to the target, and PureRoll² for a consistent end-over-end roll. It includes a deep centre of gravity created by a heavy 154g stability bar at the rear of the putter – which equates to 45% of the putter's total weight.

Spider GTX is designed to encourage a stable putting motion while helping the putter face resist twisting at impact. Due to the heavy concentration of mass at the rear of the club, Spider GTX ranks among the most forgiving Spider putters of all time with MOI above 5300. It features a distinctive wing structure, an aesthetic hallmark of the Spider family. Fluid lines and sharp angles blend seamlessly to create a visually striking frame that perfectly cradles the golf ball at address.

 Spider GTX and Spider GT Max
Image Credit: TaylorMade Golf

Bill Price, Senior Director of Product Creation, Putters & Wedges at TaylorMade, said:

"Spider GTX builds on the performance and shape of two of TaylorMade's most acclaimed putter designs: Spider Tour and Spider X. We focused on stability and consistency while offering more colour options to appeal to a wide range of players at every level of the game."

MySpiderGTX Red Black and LIght Blue
Image Credit: TaylorMade Golf

Spider GTX Max

Spider GT Max features two 40g sliding tungsten weights that can be easily positioned to influence CG, toe hang and face rotation. This design allows us to cover the CG ranges of nearly all preceding mallet-style Spiders while simultaneously helping to minimise mis-hit tendencies for specific putting strokes.

For players who tend to miss putts to the left, placing the weights in Position 1 (farthest back) slows down the face rotation. For players who miss to the right, Position 3 (farthest forward) helps the face close faster. If you don't have a consistent miss and are looking for versatility, Position 2 offers a neutral option. Spider GT Max is designed to let golfers adapt the putter to fit their stroke and improve accuracy on the greens.

Specs, costs and availability

Spider GTX will be available beginning 24 February, 2023 with an RRP of £299. Available standard lengths include 33", 34" and 35" (select colour and hosel options only available in limited lengths). Offered in six different top-plate colourways: White, Silver, Black, Red, Ice Blue and Pink. Face balanced Armlock offering is available in 40" and 42" (Silver only).

Spider GT Max will be available at retail in late spring with an RRP of £379. Available lengths include 34" and 35" in small slant and single hosel bend options.



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