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Speed, speed & more speed - Everything you need to know about the Titleist T150

Titlelist T150 Irons
Titlelist T150 Irons (Image credit: Titlelist)

We're running a series of features that take a deep dive into the next generation Titleist T-Series irons. We've already covered the T100, now its the time for the T150. Which golfer is T150 aimed at?

According to Titleist, the T150 is 'for the player who wants the exact precision and feel of T100 with increased speed, distance and forgiveness.' Built on the same fully forged platform as T100, T150 is engineered to be faster and longer. Built with 2° stronger lofts compared to T100, T150 now features a more confidence-inspiring shape and improved forgiveness, all while retaining the same blade length and offset measurements as T100 for a true player-preferred look. Marni Ines, Director, Titleist Irons Development, Golf Club R&D, said: “The main difference in T150’s construction versus T100 is the Muscle Channel through the back bar, which has been re-engineered. The Muscle Channel has been shifted forward towards the face, and our CG placement with D18 tungsten has allowed us, again, to create tighter distance control for this iron. "We also listened to those players that felt as though the shape of T100•S was on the smaller side. With this iron, we took that feedback and increased the topline thickness and widened the sole, which also gave us the ability to drive the CG lower. "Whether they’re playing T150 throughout the set or taking advantage of its performance through a blended set, players will get the ball speeds and launches they need throughout the bag with T150.”

Titlelist T150 Irons
Titlelist T150 Irons (Image credit: Titlelist)

What's the tech in the latest T150 model?

According to Titleist the T100 shares many of the tech features of T100 but T150 delivers even more performance exactly where players need it. From its fully forged feel to slightly strengthened lofts, T150 offers outstanding touch and flight control. A refined Muscle Channel and updated shape blend under-the-hood performance with an inviting profile.

Enhanced Feel & Consistency: Built for added speed, the all-new refined Muscle Channel in T150 is situated close to the face to create an even more solid feel at impact. The precision CNC face milling process eliminates imperfections on the surface, driving ultimate levels of consistency.

Better Tungsten for Better Performance: Ultra-dense D18 tungsten and a 2000° aerospace brazing process gives Titleist engineers precision with CG placement, delivering outstanding MOI and launch dynamics to the player – all within a solid, fully forged design.

Titleist T150 Technology
Titleist T150 Technology (Image credit: Titleist)

Shaped to Suit the Player: Based on player input, T150 presents an optimized, confidence-inspiring topline. The slightly larger profile promotes forgiveness without sacrificing a compact, tour look. Effortless Turf Interaction: Improvements to the Variable Bounce Sole are also found in T150, with a softened trailing edge bringing a tour-level feel through the turf to the new models.

What shafts & grip can you get with the new T150?

Steel featured shaft: Project X LZ

  • Loading Zone Technology allows the player to load the shaft more for increased energy transfer while also getting a unique feel

  • Low launch, low spin

Graphite featured shaft: MCA Tensei White AM2

  • Ascending Mass Technology: 2g per club (94-108g)

  • Low launch, low spin

Grip: NEW proprietary Titleist Universal 360 Grip

What is the price of T150?

  • $200 MAP/club and $1,399 MAP/7-piece set (Steel)

  • $216 MAP/club and $1,499 MAP/7-piece set (Graphite)