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Soft feel meets explosive speeds: TaylorMade release 2024 SpeedSoft Golf Ball

SpeedSoft Golf Ball TaylorMade Golf
Image credit: TaylorMade Golf

Those who enjoy playing a soft golf ball might be interested to hear the new SpeedSoft ball from TaylorMade Golf delivers the 'softest possible feel while maintaining explosive speeds'.

According to the company: "Fuelled by a new PWRCORE technology that makes it the softest ball on the TaylorMade roster, paired with competitive pricing, SpeedSoft is the ideal blend of performance and affordability.

"It features a low-compression core that balances distance and ultra-soft feel on iron approaches and wedge shots around the green."

Described as a game-changing ball, TaylorMade are touting the SpeedSoft as unparalleled in the world of golf for its combination of soft feel and explosive speeds.

For those who want a splash of colour on their golf balls, TaylorMade have also introduced SpeedSoft Ink with its distinctive paint-splatter design that comes in four colours - Green, Red, Blue, and Pink.

 SpeedSoft Ball TaylorMade Golf
Image credit: TaylorMade Golf

The new SpeedSoft balls are now available at retail and are priced at £24.99 / €36 / 379SEK / 379NOK / 259DKK / 36CHF per dozen. The new SpeedSoft Ink are also available to purchase and cost a little more at £26.99 / €38 / 409SEK / 409NOK / 279DKK / 38CHF per dozen.