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Shot Scope release PRO L2 range finder

Image credit: Shot Scope

Shot Scope have introduced a new fast and accurate laser rangefinder; the PRO L2.

The rangefinder provides a reliable and affordable way to measure distances on the golf course. The PRO L2 is a new and improved version of their popular laser rangefinder, which offers advanced features and technology for only £149.99.

The PRO L2 is a compact and lightweight device that can easily attach to your cart or trolley with a strong built-in magnet. It has a fast and accurate target detection system that uses premium firmware to pick up targets quickly and precisely. It also has a target-lock vibration feature that lets you know when you have locked onto the flag or any other object on the course.

One of the most impressive features of the PRO L2 is the adaptive slope technology, which adjusts the distance readings based on the elevation changes on the course. This can help you choose the right club for uphill or downhill shots. You can also turn this feature off if you are playing in a tournament or following the rules of golf.

The PRO L2 has a long range of 700 yards and a high magnification of six times, which means you can see and measure any distance on the course with ease. It also comes with a waterproof carry case and a secure carry clip, as well as an anti-slip rubber grip for comfort and stability.

The PRO L2 is available in two colours: Blue or Grey. You can order it online at or find it at major golf stores and online retailers. It also comes with a 24-month warranty and is conforming to the Rules of Golf.

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