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Scottie Scheffler: TaylorMade Qi10 driver stats 2024 - ball speed, carry, apex, spin rate

Scottie Scheffler Driver
Image credit: TaylorMade Golf

Scottie Scheffler became the first person in history to defend his title at THE PLAYERS Championship this year.

Alongside his formidable performance with the flat stick, Scheffler was throwing darts off the tee, finishing the week ranked first in Strokes Gained: Off the Tee (6.429) and T1 in Driving Accuracy hitting 80.36% of fairways.

Scheffler is a TaylorMade Golf staffer and according to the manufacturer: "Scheffler worked hard on producing shots off the tee with various trajectories ranging from an apex of 118-feet all the way down to 67-feet.

"Scheffler's Qi10 8.0° driver is set up to give him full confidence to hit his patented fade off the tee and eliminate the left side of the golf course."

How does Scottie Scheffler hit his driver?

His three distinct approaches with the driver on the course are determined by the hole setup and wind direction, each tailored to specific numerical features.

High Tee Shot

  • Apex: 118-feet

  • Launch Angle: 11.5°

  • Ball Speed: 177.1 MPH

  • Spin Rate: 2373 RPM

  • Carry: 305-yards

Stock Tee Shot

  • Apex: 92-feet

  • Launch Angle: 9.1°

  • Ball Speed: 175.5 MPH

  • Spin Rate: 2342 RPM

  • Carry: 295-yards

Low Tee Shot

  • Apex: 67-feet

  • Launch Angle: 6.0°

  • Ball Speed: 176.6 MPH

  • Spin Rate: 2512

  • Carry: 283-yards

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