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PRECISION SPIN: PING Launch Next Gen S159 Tour-Inspired Wedges

PING introduces tour-inspired s159 wedges
Image credit: PING

Integrating game-changing performance with cutting-edge fitting software, PING unveiled the s159 wedge series recently, heralding its next generation of specialty wedges designed to enhance spin and control for golfers around the greens.

Featuring 25 loft/grind combinations and backed by tour-proven performance, the s159 wedges are now available for custom fitting and pre-sale at authorized PING golf shops worldwide.

John K. Solheim, PING CEO & President, said: "The new wedges represent our most extensive and versatile wedge line to date, significantly advancing wedge performance and expanding fitting options.

“They are already winning on Tour and we’re seeing a lot of players converting to them around the world. They love the clean look, the soft feel and, most importantly, the ability to launch and spin their shots with precise control.

"With six grinds designed to perform in a variety of playing conditions and techniques, we have a wedge to fit every golfer."

What are the features of the new PING s159 wedges?

PING introduces tour-inspired s159 wedges, WebFit Wedge consumer app
Image credit: PING

Extensive collaboration with PING tour players has resulted in the creation of a wedge series that caters to golfers of all skill levels. Crafted from 8620 carbon steel, the head boasts an aesthetically pleasing shape with a straighter lead edge, particularly beneficial for full shots. Adding to its appeal, an elastomer insert behind the face contributes to a soft and responsive feel.

The compact head, featuring an improved hosel transition with constant offset, seamlessly blends into the new Blueprint S and T irons at address.

Available in all 25 loft/grind combinations, the s159 wedges come in two performance-enhancing finishes: the proven Hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish or Midnight, a new darker option that offers an attractive, anti-glare appearance.

The precision-milled wheel-cut grooves of the s159 wedges are engineered to deliver consistency and minimize spin variations across different conditions, offering golfers enhanced control. Specifically, the 54-to-62-degree options feature closely spaced MicroMax grooves, optimizing spin performance. Meanwhile, the 46-to-52-degree wedges are finely milled to provide superior control on full shots.

Coupled with a friction-adding face blast, these wedges ensure optimal launch and spin control, enabling golfers to execute precise and score-lowering shots from any distance.

In terms of spin performance, the s159 wedges excel in PING's renowned "wet to dry" test, a rigorous evaluation conducted in controlled conditions. This test involves hitting 50-yard shots indoors with moisture applied to the face and ball, serving as a crucial validation of on-course performance.

What is the new WebFit Wedge app?

PING introduces tour-inspired s159 wedges, WebFit Wedge consumer app
Image credit: PING

"In conjunction with the new wedges, we’re excited to introduce the WebFit Wedge app," Solheim said.

"It’s a web-based app engineered to help golfers find the best grinds and gapping solutions for their games. It’s a quick and easy experience to help golfers cut through a lot of the confusion associated with buying wedges, ultimately making a recommendation on which s159 wedges will allow them to greatly improve their performance around the greens."

How much will the PING s159 wedges cost?

£175 per club with a stock steel shaft, and £185 per club with a stock graphite shaft.