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PING takes next steps towards sustainability with solar panel installation

Image credit: PING

Golf equipment giants PING has made a significant stride towards sustainability with the installation of 655 energy-saving solar panels on the roof of its headquarters.

What sets this installation apart is that the panels have been arranged in the shape of the iconic PING logo, making it a visually striking addition to the building.

To achieve the feat, PING collaborated with Cactus, a bespoke energy design service known for its expertise in sustainable solutions. This partnership ensured the successful implementation and integration of the solar panels onto the headquarters' rooftop.

The newly installed panels are expected to produce 250,000Kwh of energy per year. Even more impressive is that 71.5% of this energy will be consumed directly by PING during its day-to-day operations. By harnessing solar energy for its operational needs, PING aims to reduce its reliance on traditional power sources and take a proactive approach towards sustainable practices.

The installation is expected to have a significant impact on PING's overall energy consumption. With 41.5% self-sufficiency in energy use, the company is making strides towards reducing its carbon footprint. Any excess energy that is not utilised by PING will be seamlessly fed back into the grid, ensuring no waste from the solar panels.

Lisa Lovatt, Managing Director of PING Europe, said: “We are very excited about the installation of our solar panels, and the impact they will have on our energy consumption and overall sustainability as a company.

“We are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and with this new renewable energy source we are working towards completely clean energy use. It’s a bonus that the panels are in the shape of the PING logo!”