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OTTO BALL FITTING: Bridgestone Golf introduce latest ball fitting technology

Image credit: Bridgestone Golf

Bridgestone Golf have introduced OTTO (Autonomous Ball Fitting Cart), the latest in golf ball fitting technology.

Designed to be both engaging and entertaining to use and informative at the same time, OTTO aims to provide an easy way for players to find the right Bridgestone golf ball for their game.

Dan Murphy, Bridgestone Golf President and CEO, said: “The genesis of the idea for OTTO was to bridge the gap between entertainment golf and on course golf,.

“Currently there are over 25 million golfers who participate in non-traditional golf, meaning at off course entertainment venues or on simulators. As the leader in golf ball fitting, we feel a responsibility to make sure players continue to be excited and engaged while also having the ability to choose gear that best suits their game. With OTTO’S innovative design we’ve developed a great way to do it.”

Image credit: Bridgestone Golf

OTTO looks and talks like a hi-tech robot but is as simple to use as a basic launch monitor. Stationed on a driving range, OTTO requires no more than a touch of the screen to get started, indicating the current gamer, and three driver swings to come up with a sound recommendation of which Bridgestone Golf ball is right for the individual golfer.

With each shot, OTTO provides carry and total distance, ball velocity, spin rate, and launch angle. After three shots, OTTO will audibly tell the golfer which ball best fits their game based on their shot data.

Adam Rehberg, Bridgestone Golf Ball Fitting Manager, said: “Bridgestone Golf took the lead in ball fitting many years ago and has consistently focused on developing processes to help all levels of golfer find the right ball for their game.

“We offer in-person fittings, online fittings, video fittings, and now OTTO, an autonomous fitting cart, which nobody else has even begun to develop. With so many options we feel confident we can fit anyone and do so in a way that is comfortable, convenient, and effective.”

Elliot Mellow, Bridgestone Golf Ball Marketing Manager, added: “We know from extensive experience that players enjoy the game more when they have gear that fits them.

“The ball is used for every single shot during a round and finding the model that fits your swing is critical. With the addition of OTTO, we feel Bridgestone clearly offers the most comprehensive fitting options in golf.”