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ORCA Golf partners with LPGA Foundation to deliver unique bags to LPGA USGA Girls Golf

Image credit: ORCA Golf

ORCA Golf, a women-owned premium golf bag production company, has partnered with the LPGA Foundation to design and produce unique high-quality golf bags for the new LPGA USGA Girls Golf.

As part of ORCA Golf founders Deborah and Erica’s mission and vision to align with the LPGA USGA Girls Golf the move aims to empower young global players in the golf industry.

Image credit: ORCA Golf

The LPGA Foundation entrusted custom golf bag designer/owner of ORCA Golf Bags, Erica Bennett, to design, create, and produce the LPGA USGA Girls Golf bags for its members. For every bag sold, 15% of the proceeds will go back to the LPGA Foundation.

Erica Bennett, Designer/Owner, said “To design golf bags for the LPGA USGA GIRLS GOLF is a humbling honour.”