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NEW MIZUNO DRIVERS: ST-Z and ST-X sets aim on improving ball speed, looks and feel

Image credit: Mizuno

Japanese golf giants Mizuno have introduced their latest Drivers to the golf market; the ST-Z 220 and ST-X 220

According to the club’s manufacturer the ball speed is maximised with launch angle and spin rates optimised, which in turn provides a greater level of consistency on the golf course.

Image credit: Mizuno

Chris Voshall, Mizuno Director of Product, said: “By early 2021, with the vast majority of tour players we tested, the ST SERIES drivers were able to improve on their current driver for ball speed, looks and feel.

Image credit: Mizuno

“The occasional barrier to getting a driver in play was the distance drop off from off-centre strikes. Our engineers isolated and tackled that last dimension with the new ST-Z and ST-X. We’re now seeing the results – ball speed drop-offs are negligible, and we’ve massively tightened the overall ranges of launch and spin.

Voshall highlighted the thinking behind the modern ST-Z design adding: “The ST-Z is the most played of all our drivers. It’s a modern driver for players who have grown up hitting long straight bombs rather than shaping the ball. The addition of a 20g back weight also makes it an exceptionally stable.”

For those looking for MORE spin the ST-X is likely to win over golfers. Voshall said: “For a lot of golfers, the modern low spinning driver design preferred by tour players is a serious distance killer. The ST-X’s extra spin, slight draw bias and higher flight will add driving distance for a surprising number of players.”

Both Drivers will be available from February 2022 in USA and a month later for those living in Europe.



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