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NELLY KORDA: What’s in the Bag (WITB) July 2023

Image credit: TaylorMade Golf

Nelly Korda, the world-renowned women’s professional golfer, put on an extraordinary display of skill and prowess at the Aramco Team Series held at Centurion Golf Club in London. Utilising her trusted Stealth 2 HD driver and TP5 golf ball from Team TaylorMade, Korda secured a commanding victory by a margin of four strokes.

With this win, Korda clinched her 13th professional victory, further solidifying her position as one of the top players in the world of women's golf. The competition consisted of three rounds, where Korda displayed consistency throughout with scores of 68, 69, and 71.

Throughout the tournament, Korda demonstrated her exceptional ball-striking ability, allowing her to rack up an impressive tally of 12 birdies and one eagle. Her unwavering focus and precision on the greens allowed her to secure the runaway victory, firmly establishing her as a force to be reckoned with.

In addition to her triumph, this victory marked a significant milestone for Korda as it was her first major win with Team TaylorMade. Korda had recently signed a multi-year agreement with the renowned brand in January, and her victory at the Aramco Team Series served as undeniable proof of the fruitful partnership between the two.

Nelly Korda: What’s in the Bag?

  • Stealth 2 HD 9.0° Driver

  • Stealth 2 15.0° 3-wood

  • Stealth 2 21.0° 7-wood

  • P·770 5-6, P·7MC 7-PW

  • Milled Grind 3 50° SB, 54° HB

  • TP5

Image credit: TaylorMade Golf