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LIV GOLF DRAFT: What is it and how will it change golf?

LIV Golf unveiled the distinct names and logos for the 12 team brands that aims to reimagine the golf experience for players and fans around the world.

The first ever LIV Golf Draft, hosted Tuesday in London, also revealed the 12 captains and each of their team selections for this week’s historic London Invitational which kicks off competition on Thursday, June 9 at Centurion Club.

“We are supercharging the game and turning it into the sport it’s been destined to become. Our new format, our new team component, and our diverse field of players is something golf has never seen.

“I’m excited to watch these teams come to life and the new energy, camaraderie and competition they’ll bring to the player and fan experience.”

Establishing identities that reflect the sport’s rich history and speak to the game’s future, LIV Golf’s teams feature an array of names, logos and colours that offer something for every fan. Each name ends with the suffix ‘GC’ – referencing Golf Club – leaning into the global brands of some of world’s most popular sports teams.

The 12 team identities and captains for the London Invitational are:

4 ACES GC – Captain Dustin Johnson

‘Ace’ – the slang name for golf’s greatest magic trick: the hole in one.

CLEEKS GC – Captain Martin Kaymer

The cleek: the driving iron of its day, with a refined look and feel that can appeal to fans of golf heritage.

CRUSHERS GC – Captain Peter Uihlein

It’s about speed. It’s about power. It’s a shot that could shatter a ball on impact. This team creates an identity that celebrates its own strength.

FIREBALLS GC – Captain Sergio Garcia

A fun and exciting identity which embodies golf at its wildest – and all for a team that will hope to be ‘on fire’ this week.

HY FLYERS GC – Captain Phil Mickelson

A team in flight. Powered by its winged logo, this group hopes to soar above the competition.

IRON HEADS GC – Captain Kevin Na

All about metal and mettle, displaying a steely determination. A strong, bold identity has been forged for this team, tapping into golf's heraldry.

MAJESTICKS GC – Captain Ian Poulter

The majestic shot. The one that stops you in your tracks and produces a perfect arc from club strike to preferred landing spot.

NIBLICKS GC – Captain Graeme McDowell

A reference to the rich history of Scotland, the birthplace of golf, merged with a more progressive aesthetic. A classic term for a short-nosed club in a bygone era.

PUNCH GC – Captain Wade Orsmby

Celebrating this timeless stroke: the punch shot. Using vintage clubs still sought after by fans, this brand taps into golf's iconic past with a hand lettered mark to create a ‘retro golf meets streetwear’ aesthetic.

SMASH GC – Captain Sihwan Kim

That gloriously crisp sound of club on ball. Your shot soaring through the sky on its way down the fairway. Young, fun. The Smash factor.

STINGER GC – Captain Louis Oosthuizen

Equal parts sharp and sleek, it’s the scorpion’s natural weapon. It’s also a big weapon in golf -- for those skilled enough to pull it off.

TORQUE GC – Captain Talor Gooch

Golf is a high-torque sport, creating a supercharged brand that’s all about forward momentum and speed off the tee.

At the conclusion of the draft, Team Captains Kevin Na and Peter Uihlein decided to make LIV Golf’s first trade, swapping Richard Bland and Hideto Tanihara.

For more information on the team draft and LIV Golf is owned and operated by LIV Golf Investments whose vision and mission are centered around making holistic and sustainable investments to enhance the global golf ecosystem and unlock the sport’s untapped worldwide potential.



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