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LIV Golf brings over $200m in direct investment, economic productivity and media exposure to U.S.

Image credit: Montana Pritchard/LIV Golf

Six events into its first official league season and less than a year in existence hosting professional golf tournaments, LIV Golf is bringing more than $200 million in direct investment, economic productivity and media exposure to U.S. communities, according to independent analysis conducted by Vision Insights, a sports and entertainment research firm. Launched last summer as the LIV Golf Invitational Series, LIV Golf’s overall economic impact across five U.S. events in 2022 was more than $219 million, reports Vision Insights. The firm estimates that past and upcoming U.S. events from the 2023 LIV Golf League season will generate more than $258 million in economic impact. In addition to direct economic impact, LIV Golf provides significant media exposure for host markets according to a media evaluation by YouGov Sport, with an estimated total of $6.6 million in host city exposure during the 2022 season.

Vision Insights’ independent analysis is conducted by a collective of sports and entertainment research executives with decades of experience on global projects surrounding major events including Super Bowls, NCAA tournaments, golf tournaments, global baseball events, bowl games, food and wine festivals, and more. “LIV Golf is committed to building strong relationships with local communities across the United States and throughout the world,” said Greg Norman, LIV Golf Commissioner and CEO. “The direct investments LIV Golf makes, combined with the economic impact and international exposure from fans attending our world-class golf tournaments, helps lift up local economies, small businesses, and municipal and state governments. Our mission is centered on holistic and sustainable investments and it’s clear that LIV’s commitment to relationships with local partners has built a strong foundation for the future.”

Research shows that 31% of attendees at LIV Golf’s 2022 U.S. tournaments travelled from outside the tournament host city to attend, yielding a total of 37,220 hotel room nights booked and an estimated $9.4 million in lodging across five U.S. events. For the eight U.S. events in the 2023 season, LIV Golf’s lodging impact will be 61,595 room nights for a total of $15.5 million in lodging. LIV Golf tournaments also contribute millions of dollars to state and local tax revenue, yielding more than $6 million in tax revenue across five U.S. markets in the 2022 season and more than $9 million across eight U.S. markets in the 2023 season, according to Vision Insights.



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