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TOP TO BOTTOM: How much will LIV Golf players compete for in the 2024 season?

Image credit: Jon Ferrey / LIV Golf

The LIV Golf 2024 tournament has announced its prize money distribution, setting the standard in the sport.

The top finisher will earn a staggering $4,000,000,. The prize money for the second place is set at $2,250,000, followed by $1,500,000 for the third position.

The earnings gradually decrease for lower rankings, with the fourth place receiving $1,000,000 and the fifth place $800,000.

Notably, the prizes remain substantial even for lower rankings, with the 50th place still earning a respectable $60,000. The 54th position, the last place in the tournament, is set to receive $50,000.

What about the team prize money?

The top team is set to receive a handsome $3,000,000 to reward their collective performance.

The prize for the second-place team is $1,500,000, followed by $500,000 for the third place. Notably, there is no monetary award for teams finishing from fourth to twelfth place.