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Honma Golf announce new 2023 BERES Nx line

Image credit: Honma Golf

Honma Golf have announced the introduction of the new BERES Nx line of drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons.

This Next Generation of BERES aims to make the renowned luxury brand more accessible to golfers who seek ultimate craftsmanship and luxury equipment without the ultra-premium price point of the brand’s marquee BERES 3-, 4- and 5-star models.

BERES Nx resides in the game-improvement category but appeals to a younger player than traditional BERES clubs. It can also be played by a broad handicap range, including better players needing stiffer shaft flexes.

Image credit: Honma Golf

The new line features Honma’s lightweight holistic design that brings together speed and game improvement performance through its traditional integration of head and shafts being designed in tandem.

Takahiro Suzuki, senior product marketing manager at Honma, said: “This new line helps expand the BERES legacy to a new generation of golfers.

“That’s incredibly important to our company. It’s a rebirth and continuance of the legacy of the BERES brand that started in 2005. While maintaining the extremely high quality of BERES, we thoroughly pursued advanced technologies and generously adopted Honma’s primary technology related to speed and distance. The result is BERES Nx.”

Retail price for the BERES Nx driver is set at $750 whilst iron prices start from $1,500.