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Highest Performing Putters In The Game: PING Release Five New PLD Milled Putters

Five new models join PLD Milled putter series for PING
Image credit: PING

Five new models have joined the ranks of the PING Putting Lab Design (PLD) program, representing the latest advancements in precision putting technology.

The 2024 PLD Milled Anser, Anser 2D, Oslo 3, DS72, and Ally Blue 4 are now available at PING authorized retailers. These retailers are dedicated to offering premium, custom-fit putters, ensuring every golfer can find the perfect match for their game.

Speaking about the new releases, PING CEO & President John K. Solheim said: "We’ve been very pleased with the results and feedback across the entire PLD programme.

"It allows us to bring golfers more of what we do best – design and build the highest-performing putters in the game. A key part of the program is the PLD Milled series, which offers premium, milled putters inspired by tour players to bring golfers the latest in score-lowering performance on the green.

"These five new designs continue that commitment and offer every golfer a model to fit their stroke and eye."

What are the new 2024 PING PLD Milled Putters?

The five new PLD Milled models, priced at £450 in the UK, showcase a blend of timeless classics like the Anser alongside cutting-edge designs favored by tour professionals, such as the DS72, a favorite of the 2023 FedEx Cup Champion, Viktor Hovland. Among these, the Anser 2D and Oslo 3 stand out with their tour-inspired, high-MOI constructions, while the Ally Blue 4 introduces a new multi-material mallet boasting remarkable forgiveness and unmistakable alignment features.

Four of these models—the Anser, Anser 2D, DS72, and Oslo 3—are crafted entirely from forged 303 stainless steel, each adorned with an appealing gun-metal finish. Utilizing deep AMP (Aggressive Milling Pattern) face technology, these putters offer a meticulously milled surface that delivers the preferred sound, feel, and speed desired by tour players.

Five new models join PLD Milled putter series for PING

Image credit: PING

With over four hours dedicated to the precision milling process for each model, every surface and contour is expertly shaped to ensure the high quality and premium aesthetics synonymous with precision-milled putters.

In contrast, the Ally Blue 4 presents a fully machined, three-piece design distinguished by its square footprint and full-length top alignment aid. Combining an aluminium body, stainless steel soleplate, and aluminium hosel, this mallet design achieves an exceptionally high MOI for effortless alignment. The striking gunmetal finish, complemented by a matte black body and hosel, results in a visually stunning design engineered to inspire confidence on the green.