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GOLD-PLATED LIMITED-EDITION: PING PLD Anser Patent 55 putter released

Image credit: PING

A gold-plated, fully milled, stainless-steel PLD Anser Patent 55 putter is the fourth and final collector’s model being offered as part of a year-long celebration acknowledging the issuance of the Anser putter patent 55 years ago.

Only 55 of the precision-milled, handcrafted putters, which are made in the USA and serialised, will be available via the website for $990 (limit one per customer). The first three models sold out within minutes.

Choosing to gold-plate the final version of the collection is a tribute to the Anser’s unmatched record of winning, which led to its prominence in PING’s world-renowned Gold Putter Vault — a tradition started by PING Founder Karsten Solheim in the early 1970s and home to more than 3,200 gold-plated PING putters, each representing a victory. Since its invention in 1966, the Anser has won more than 700 professional tournaments around the world.

John A. Solheim, PING Executive Chairman, who custom built the very first Anser putters in the family garage as a teenager, said: “I can’t think of a better way to complete this wonderful celebration of the Anser putter and its game-changing patent.

Image credit: PING

“Our tradition of awarding gold-plated PING putters to tournament champions has arguably created the most valuable collection of putters in the world. It’s a great source of pride for us, and golfers who have a chance to visit the Vault stand in amazement as they soak in its place in history. The Anser putter occupies the most space by far in the Vault, so it’s only natural we’d offer a gold-plated version to complete the PLD Limited collection.”