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Former Amateur champion Andy Ogletree targeting return to LIV Golf League via International Series

Image credit: Ian Walton/Asian Tour

2019 U.S. Amateur champion Andy Ogletree has described his excitement about coming to one of the Middle East’s most renowned golf courses - Doha Golf Club ahead of the International Series Qatar,

The American is also looking for a strong performance in the International Series to provide an opportunity at the lucrative LIV Golf League.

Ogletree said: “I’m super excited to be in Qatar. For three weeks in a row in the Middle East, and two weeks on The International Series all I’ve heard is how good this golf course is. Today will be my first time playing it and I’m looking forward to getting out there and discovering what it’s all about.

“I looked at the forecast – it’s going to be blowing a lot, so not sure how much I’ll learn today but looks great for the rest of the week.”

What do you think of the International Series?

“For anyone looking to play LIV or to get status, The International Series is the new pathway to play your way to LIV. I think the opportunities are endless.

“The purse increases are really great. We’re playing for a lot of money. The Asian Tour is basically the third biggest tour in the world right now. I’m excited to be on the front end of it. I think a lot of golfers will see how good it is and want to get over here and be part of it.

How motivated are you to earn promotion back to LIV Golf via the International Series Order of Merit?

“The biggest motivation for me this year is to win the International Series Order of Merit and get back on LIV. I’ve seen how great those tournaments are and once you’ve had a taste you want more. I’m excited and super motivated to look to top that leaderboard.”

Having won the International Series Egypt in 2022 will these events form a significant part of your schedule this year?

“That win in Egypt has given me a lot of opportunities, especially full status on tour for two years on the Asian Tour. The biggest benefit is being able to pick my schedule. I can play all the International Series if I want to and other Asian Tour events. I’m going to try and play a bit of everything.

“I’m young, I don’t have kids, I can travel the world. I have no responsibilities. I’m just trying to get better and better at golf.

“I just want to play golf as many weeks as possible. Getting to see the world while I’m doing it is just awesome. I’m excited to play a lot of golf and stay healthy.

What do you think in general about the type of destinations The International Series is played in?

“I would like to think this is definitely growing the game by going to different countries and showing golf to the world. There’s certainly plenty of economic growth here in Qatar and golf is at the forefront. The International Series is generating very strong fields and it’s cool to be able to see a lot of great players in today’s game.”