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FIRST LOOK: Bettinardi Golf announces new HLX 5.0 Forged Wedges

Bettinardi Golf HLX 5.0 FORGED WEDGE LINE
Image credit: Bettinardi Golf

Bettinardi Golf has unveiled its newest line of wedges, the HLX 5.0. The HLX 5.0 Forged Wedges have been crafted with a perfected redesign of technology and appearance, providing a greater focus on player performance that includes a lower launch trajectory and exceptional spin control.

The 2023-2024 HLX 5.0 Forged Wedges feature a new face that utilises a patented High Helix Cut machining tool, which mills a more pronounced groove depth to make the HLX 5.0 the ultimate wedge for controlling spin. Bettinardi HLX wedges consistently perform with 10% more spin and 12% lower launch than the top wedge manufacturers in golf.

Additionally, by re-engineering the ladder milling on the back flange, the center of gravity in each HLX 5.0 head was raised by 5%. This master-crafted enhancement allows for Tour quality shot flighting and uncontested control around the greens.

Bettinardi Golf wedges
Image credit: Bettinardi Golf

Sam Bettinardi, President of Bettinardi Golf, said: “By utilising this finer milling technique, we were able to keep more weight on the flange, which raises the center of gravity and helps golfers achieve a lower-flighted shot. Since 1998, Bettinardi Golf has been known for making the finest putters in the world, and we are so proud to continue to evolve our wedges and push the envelope on design, craftsmanship, and quality.”

The HLX 5.0 Forged Wedges are offered in both a Chrome and Graphite PVD finish, with the addition of a 48-degree wedge and a 54-degree loft RJ Grind.