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FIRST LOOK: 2023 Callaway REVA Golf Ball designed for women

2023 REVA Golf Ball
2023 REVA Golf Ball (Image credit: Callaway Golf)

The REVA Golf Ball by Callaway is designed for women and was first launched a couple years ago. A 2023 edition has now been released.

Here's what Callaway had to say about it: "The Callaway REVA Golf Ball is engineered for women who want to improve their distance, ball flight and consistency. To promote easy launch and more forgiveness, we’ve leveraged an oversized construction that conforms to the rules of golf. Our oversized core and low spin characteristics are also designed for longer, more accurate shots. Try the REVA if you’re looking to hit better shots that fly on a straighter line."

Why use Callaway REVA Golf Balls?

Easy To Launch and More Forgiving

Promotes higher ball flight for increased distance, and more forgiveness for better accuracy, all from an oversized construction that conforms to the rules of golf.

Long and Straight

The balls oversized core and low spin profile are specifically designed for women to maximise distance and consistency on the course.



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