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Family-forged bonds propel rising golf stars to success in The International Series

Image credit: International Series

The importance of a reliable and skilled caddie is often emphasised in the world of golf, and one of those breakthrough winners on this season's Asian Tour have found the secret to success through their choice of partners with strong family ties.

Kieran Vincent, who claimed victory at the International Series Vietnam in April, is among the rising stars benefiting from this unique relationship.

Vincent's triumph was not solely attributed to his natural talent and the carefully selected 14 clubs in his bag, but also to the presence of fellow countryman David Du Preez as his caddie. However, their partnership goes beyond just nationality. Du Preez had previously served as the caddie for Vincent's elder brother, Scott, during the previous season. This collaboration proved fruitful, as it helped Scott Vincent secure the coveted 2022 International Series Order of Merit champion title, earning him a place on the prestigious LIV Golf tour and a spot on the esteemed Iron Heads GC team.

Now, with Du Preez guiding Kieran Vincent on the golf course, the younger Vincent has the opportunity to follow in his brother's footsteps and potentially claim the Order of Merit title, marking a remarkable achievement for the family. Currently sitting in third place in the standings, Vincent Jr remains within reach of the top spot, currently held by Andy Ogletree, closely followed by Japan's Takumi Kanaya.

The connection and understanding between golfer and caddie can be pivotal in navigating the challenges of each course, making this familial partnership a vital asset for Vincent as he aims to clinch the prestigious title and further etch his family's name in the annals of The International Series.

Vincent said: “For David to be on my bag is huge. He is a great person, he was able to grow with my brother last year, working with him for the whole year on LIV and the Asian Tour, and that has been huge.

“My brother did a great job of introducing him to the caddying side of things, and he has just taken it and run with it. Every player is different, in terms of what they want from a caddie, so molding and explaining things is important, but he is getting it and it is awesome to have him on the bag.”