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Exciting media opportunity launched at 2023 AIG Women's Open in partnership with BCOMS

Image credit: The Black Collective of Media in Sport.

The R&A has joined forces with the Black Collective of Media in Sport (BCOMS) to introduce a groundbreaking media training opportunity at the upcoming 2023 AIG Women's Open.

The collaboration aims to provide aspiring media professionals from diverse backgrounds with valuable experience in the field.

BCOMS, a black-led organisation dedicated to increasing diversity in the UK's sports media, will work closely with The R&A to offer a range of placements during the prestigious golf tournament, set to take place at Walton Heath from 10-13 August.

Under the guidance and mentorship of experienced professionals from The R&A, BCOMS trainees will have the chance to gain hands-on experience in various areas of media production, including photography, social media management, and media relations. They will actively contribute to content production for both The R&A and AIG Women's Open channels, thus enhancing their skills and knowledge while supporting their professional growth.

This unprecedented collaboration aims to address the underrepresentation of diverse voices in sports media, providing individuals from different backgrounds with a unique opportunity to establish themselves within the industry. By working closely with The R&A, BCOMS hopes to empower and equip aspiring media professionals with relevant experience, enabling them to thrive in the competitive world of sports media.

Martin Slumbers, CEO of The R&A said: “The R&A is committed to creating and fostering an inclusive culture in golf. We want more people involved with the sport at every level and that includes working within the industry as well as playing, so we are delighted to be working with BCOMS to offer this opportunity.

“This year we are introducing new experiences for fans at the AIG Women’s Open to attract new audiences, but we know there is more that we can do to attract the future workforce of the sport – to educate and inspire individuals from a range of backgrounds that a career in golf is for them, whether they play or not.”

Drew Christie, Chair of BCOMS said: “Since 2009 BCOMS has worked to support the next generation of media professionals with the aim of creating a stronger, better and healthier sports media industry. Greater diversity is part of the answer to creating the change the industry needs, and this requires the support of organisations that share our vision and can help achieve it.

“There are lots of young people that feel like a career in golf and in the sports media is not open to them, so it’s essential we work with leading organisations like The R&A to create pathways for the future role models within the industry and sport. Providing opportunities like this helps us to do just that.”