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Crushers GC Unveils Stitch Golf as New On-Course Apparel Partner for Upcoming Season

Image credit: LIV Golf

In a move aiming to redefine team golf on-course fashion, Crushers GC has announced Stitch Golf as their new official apparel partner.

The partnership, forged in the aftermath of a triumphant 2023 season, is poised to bring exclusive, custom-designed golf wear to both the team and its ardent followers, with a retail launch anticipated for both online and in physical stores later this year.

Building on their victorious campaign last season, Crushers GC and Stitch Golf are set to introduce a specially co-created collection. This lineup will feature bespoke men’s golf polos and driver head covers, with plans to further expand the range to include a variety of golf accessories and apparel. Fans can look forward to the release of these custom designs, worn by the team in competition, by the late spring of 2024.

Stitch Golf, with its distinguished presence in over 500 country clubs across the U.S., aligns with the 2023 LIV Golf Team Champions, Crushers GC, to inject a new vigor and innovation into golf’s on-course fashion. Celebrated for their iconic Championship Sunday blue polka dot attire and an impressive record of 14 podium finishes last season—including three individual and two team titles, as well as the Team Championship—all while donned in Stitch apparel, the partnership is a testament to a shared vision for blending contemporary flair with classic style, ensuring the legacy of the golf attire remains as enduring as the sport itself.

“Stitch Golf was a loyal supporter of Crushers GC during the 2023 LIV Golf season, and I am very excited to further develop that relationship into a formal partnership,” said Crushers GC Captain Bryson DeChambeau. “The clothing and apparel that Stitch provides to our team – which will soon be available to Crushers fans through a variety of channels – allows Charles, Paul, Anirban, and myself to perform at the highest level. The custom polos we've co-designed with Stitch will bring added personalization to our uniforms and will be an amazing way for fans to deepen their connection to Crushers GC. I could not be more excited for the Crushers’ partnership with Stitch Golf.” 

“Stitch Golf is proud to be Crushers GC's official apparel partner,” said Stitch Golf CEO, Brad King. “Bryson, Paul, Anirban and Charles are incredible players, and we are thrilled to outfit the defending team champions. We are confident that the unique and quality products that this relationship will produce will be met with great enthusiasm from consumers as we redefine the way golfers experience both performance and fashion. Stitch thanks Bryson and the Crushers for their trust, as we are grateful to be associated with an awesome team and such special people.”