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Beef’s Golf School: Fan fav teams up with American Golf to launch exclusive YouTube tutorials

Beer teams up with American Golf for tips
Image credit: American Golf

American Golf, Europe’s Leading golf retailer, has partnered with golf fan favourite Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston to open ‘Beef’s Golf School’ - a six-part series of exclusive YouTube tutorials which see ‘Beef’ team up with Hollywood actors, TV stars and sporting personalities to help improve their golf game. Dedicated to supporting and improving every golfer’s game, whatever their experience, American Golf has pulled together 5 Top Tips from Beef’s opening lesson spent with Harry Potter actor Oliver Phelps. So, whether you’ve grown up in the spotlight and golf was the only sporting activity allowed (aside from Quidditch of course!) or you’re still tentatively making your first rounds on the course, Beef is here to say, ‘don’t overcomplicate it’, watch, feel and learn.

Beef teams up with American Golf
Image credit: American Golf

Beefy Tips

  1. Longer putts – pick your line carefully. Have a long walk from where your ball sits to where you’re aiming for so that you understand the angles and the slopes of the course and where your ball will travel. Identify little markers such as a leaf or spot of sand that will help you to follow your line and then focus on speed.

  2. Mid-range putts – mastering this distance is a game-changer. Try feeling the course line with your feet to see if you can feel anything different to what your eyes show you and adjust your approach accordingly.

  3. Driving shots – sync your shot. Don’t allow your body to go before your swing otherwise you can’t square the face up with the driver and your swing won’t deliver the speed or projection intended.

  4. Chipping shots – read lie of your club. Consider what the ball’s going to do under it - can you get underneath? Adjust your approach if needs be and don’t be tempted to be too aggressive.

  5. Flop shots – Again, consider the lie of your club - if you can’t slide under the ball your shot will be impossible. The key to making a high shot that lands softly is to open the club face first so that it will slide underneath the ball, then set your grip, lower your hands a little and even out your swing. Take a few practice swings and ensure you hear a ‘thud’ sound. Finally, make an aggressive hit!

To watch the full Beef’s Golf School with Oliver Phelps video click here or for more videos watch Beef’s channel. American Golf offers a free custom fitting service at each of its 90+ retail stores which ensures that a player’s clubs are tailored to the individual’s game, not just their measurements. It will factor in ball speed and launch to ensure the clubs work to support the player’s game, helping them to reach their full potential on course. To book a free custom fitting session at your nearest American Golf store with one of the retailer’s 300 qualified fitters across the UK, visit View everything American Golf has to offer, including its free custom fitting service, by visiting its website, or following on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.