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Are these the world’s best irons? Titleist launch next gen T-Series - T100, T150, T200 and T350

Titleist T-Series Irons
Titleist T-Series (Image credit: Titleist)

The next generation Titleist T-Series irons family are now available worldwide to much excitement. It's easy to understand why since Titleist has been the most played iron on the PGA TOUR for 18 of the last 19 seasons, including each of the last nine.

The new tour-proven T-Series models – T100, T150, T200 and T350 – deliver unrivalled feel with effortless turf interaction in four tour-inspired shapes, each designed to maximize the three dimensions of iron performance: distance control, dispersion control and descent angle.

In a series of coming features we'll dive into each of these new models in greater detail, discovering the technology behind them along with the target player each is tailored for. So stayed tuned! In the meantime, here's what Titleist have to say about their latest releases:

“The new T-Series irons embody a unique approach to iron design and creation,” said Josh Talge, VP, Titleist Golf Club Marketing. “Down to the finest details, this new line delivers best-in-class performance with stunning aesthetics and feel. Each model has been designed to feel as good as it looks, look as good as it performs, and perform better than any iron we’ve created before it.”

Titleist T-series Irons
Titleist T-series Irons (Image credit: Titleist)

“New T-Series irons raise the bar in terms of total performance. Players are always looking for iron performance to be more consistent,” said Marni Ines, Director, Titleist Irons Development, Golf Club R&D. “We want players to hit their distance as often as possible, we want players to hit their preferred flight as often as possible, and we want as tight a dispersion pattern as possible. Each new T-Series iron – from T100 all the way to T350 – feels outstanding, and all of them perform better across the board.”

The new T-Series irons are available in golf shops globally. An authorized Titleist fitter can help determine the best combination of T-Series models to unlock the golfer’s ability to hit the golf ball more consistently closer to the pin. Golfers can find a Titleist fitting location by visiting